A software to manage your urban distribution centers

Make your urban hubs a new logistics strategy for your company

Logistics intelligence for omnichannel companies

An OMS (Order Management System) + WMS (Warehouse Management System) software that brings intelligence, control and total management to your urban distribution centers, mini-hubs and micro-fulfillment centers.

Customized solutions

Flexible SaaS that can be configured and combined according to the order flows and dynamics of your company's logistics operation.

Scalable system

Modular software designed to meet different order flows and logistical operation levels, evolving along with your business and the market.

Quick deployment

Stokki's OMS + WMS is a 100% online SaaS, in the cloud, integrated with the main ERPs on the market, with a plug and play deployment.

Digital logistics for omnichannel companies

An OMS + WMS specialized in fulfillment and fractional sales operations, to manage, control and have full visibility over the inventory and order flow throughout your distribution network.
Full logistic operation visibility

Centralized visibility of your entire logistics operation and across multiple locations.

Management of mixed logistical flows

Track and control all incoming, outgoing, return and cross docking orders on your network.

Smart task planning

Different picking methods, workstations, addressing, location management, warehouse tasks and much more.

Order orchestration

Control activity flows throughout your warehousing and distribution network and ensure minimum picking, packing and delivery time.

Platform created for integrations

Integrate your sales channels, ERP and TMS with your entire network of hubs/UDCs/MFCs through our APIs, to facilitate the flow of data between systems.


A software to enhance different warehousing and distribution strategies



Complete management of urban distribution centers (UDCs) to shorten the last mile.


Greater agility and control in the receipt and dispatch of orders from micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs).


OMS + WMS developed to optimize fulfillment operations within warehouses.

How it works?



Plug and play deployment with our 100% cloud SaaS OMS + WMS.


Start your logistics

Get real-time insight into order movement and inventory levels across your distribution network.



Integrate our software with your entire warehousing network, operators, customers and administrators.

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