Transform your spaces into distribution hubs

Faster, smarter and more optimized deliveries through your dark stores

Scale your logistical distribution

A software that transforms your company's physical space into an urban distribution center. Ship your orders quickly, reduce the last mile and improve delivery times with Stokki's smart logistics management.

Inventory closest to the customer

Have the agility that your customer wants in the separation and delivery orders.

Reduce the last mile

Reduce the logistical challenges imposed by the last mile by working with urban distribution hubs.

Integrated and intelligent logistics management

Track your inventory status and order flow across your entire dark store network in real time with our OMS + WMS software.

Digital logistics for omnichannel companies

Efficiently manage your omnichannel sales with real-time visibility into the movement of your entire urban distribution network, including dark stores and micro-fulfillment centers.
Hassle-free hub management

Create, track and have full visibility of all activities and orders from your dark store network in an organized and easy way.

Smart and simplified tasks

Ensure the minimum time of your operation activities, from receipt to orders checkout, with integrated control via collector, cell phone, tablet and more.

Workflow orchestration

Orchestrate the activities of your dark store network, from picking to delivery to the customer, by connecting to Stokki.

Platform created for integrations

Integrate your e-commerce, ERP and TMS with your entire network of dark stores and hubs through our APIs to facilitate the flow of data between systems.

Scalable distribution network

Quickly create and deploy new dark store units with our plug and play technology.


Make the last mile the fastest mile

Use your company's urban infrastructure to develop logistics distribution strategies by micro-regions, transforming existing spaces into micro-fulfillment warehouses.


Increase the quality

Reduce out-of-stocks, diversify delivery options and offer personalized shopping experiences.

Increase speed

Greater agility in picking, packing and delivery by region.

Increase revenue

Reduce last mile costs and increase order fulfillment capacity.

How it works?



Integrate your inventory and sales channel data with the Stokki platform.


Start your logistics

Get real-time insights into order movement and stock levels across your network of dark stores.



As soon as the customer places the order, our platform will indicate which is the closest unit to carry out the shipment.

Ready to scale your logistics with Stokki?

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