Advantages of offering my space and logistical solutions

Ready to create new opportunities?

Optimize your business with Stokki

Offer your space and logistics services at no cost and connect with a network of specialized and Stokki accredited operators from all over Brazil.


Technology for you

Register, manage and create new opportunities through the Stokki platform.



Offer your warehouse’s spaces and services according to your availability.


Maximize your revenue

Connect with potential customers and capitalize on your excess storage capacity.

Segments that seek logistic solutions at Stokki

Integrate our network with customers from different segments and expand your storage and logistics opportunities through Stokki.


Clothing, electronic products, decoration and others.


Automotive products, solar panels, manufacturing raw material, steel and others.


Office supplies, product stock, furniture, brick pallets or any other cargo.

Small and medium companies

On demand storage options, scalable according to the company’s needs.

International business

Trades, importers and exporters regardless of product types.

And much more

We serve customers from retail to large industry. Count on Stokki solutions!

How Stokki´s platform can optmize your services

Total visibility of your warehouse operation

Follow in real time all your operation and requests from different customers in a practical and easy way.

Stokki support and service

Use our support to facilitate daily operations with different customers.

Centralization of your warehouse orders, without complications

Track and have all logistical orders from your warehouse in an organized and easy way

Platform created for integrations

Integrate your WMS, TMS and your entire customer network on the Stokki’s platform through a single API integration to facilitate data flow between systems.


Be part of the Stokki network


Register your space for free

List your space, tell us more about your company and wait for our verification.


Manage everything in one place

Stokki offers a 100% digital, online and easy to use platform.


Start operating new businesses

Join our growing network of suppliers and start generating revenue from your excess capacity.

What our partners say about Stokki

See the testimonial from partners who integrated their business on Stokki platform and found new customers for their logistics and storage services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stokki require any integration?

No. Stokki is a web-based platform and does not require any integration with WMS or ERP. You can start immediately by accessing the platform or, if you prefer, we can integrate with your WMS or ERP system, upon prior consultation.

How is Stokki paid?

Stokki’s remuneration is based on the closing of a deal, through a success rate applied to the value of the contract. For more information about our rates, please contact our team by email:

What kind of contract does Stokki use?

The standard legal model is a Terms and Conditions agreement available here. However, if it is necessary to evaluate a separate legal contract for more complex transactions, or to adapt to specific internal requirements, the details can be evaluated and discussed directly with Stokki’s legal sector.

Can I change my ads at any time?

Yes, on the Stokki platform you can define the space and services you want to offer as you wish. You can also delete your ads at any time.

However, the agreements already signed with customers, through our platform, must be complied with as contracted.

Ready to join the Stokki network?

Connect and discover new opportunities to provide your storage space and logistics services.

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