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Use the technology of Stokki’s platform to integrate and optimize your business operations. Find the right supplier for your logistics and warehousing strategy. Pay per use and move your inventory in days.


On-demand warehousing for your products, with flexibility and scalability. Add immediate capacity to your supply chain.

Leaseble space

Find distribution centers and warehouses for lease.

Self storage

Rent a storage unit for your business items or personal belongings, in a short-term and self-service modality.

Logistics solutions

Hire and manage warehousing services, e-commerce fulfillment, transport, last mile, special projects and others.

Integrated platform to scale your business

Bring your inventory closer to customers and optimize your logistics operation with agility at Stokki. Rethink your distribution and warehousing strategies according to your demand using our 100% online platform.

Logistic operation visibility

Follow in real time the status of your orders and the KPIs of your operation in a practical and easy way.

Friendly order management

Create, track and have all your logistics requests in an organized and easy way.

Workflow orchestration

Orchestrate your supply chain activities, from picking to delivery, by connecting to the Stokki’s platform.

Platform created for integrations

Integrate your e-commerce, ERP, WMS and TMS with your entire network of logistics providers through our APIs and facilitate the data flow between systems.

One-stop supply chain network

Find everything you need from logistics in one place.


How Stokki is revolutionizing the logistics and warehousing market



Your products in one warehouse or as many as you need. All in a matter of days.



Warehousing and solutions according to your demand, in a short or long terms.


Safety & Security

All services and spaces found at Stokki are inpected and previously approved to ensure quality and security standards.

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We are here to help you grow faster. Our team of specialists is here to support you in a day-to-day logistical operation.

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Companies of various sizes and different segments use our platform to strengthen their warehouse management and logistics solutions. See their testimonials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quais são os motivos que levam as empresas a contratar os serviços de fulfillment e armazenagem sob demanda encontrados na Stokki?

Os serviços de fulfillment e de armazenagem sob demanda normalmente atendem às empresas que necessitam:

– Terceirizar sua operação logística, pois tem uma equipe reduzida, não conhecem muito o mercado de logística e enfrentam dificuldades em encontrar fornecedores de qualidade, que atendam suas necessidades e se integrem a seus ERPs para automatizar a gestão;

– Terceirizar parte da operação, para obter maior capilaridade de estoque e aproximar seus produtos dos clientes, possibilitando a adoção de estratégias logísticas mais competitivas;

– Adicionar capacidade extra de armazenagem e atendimento de pedidos, por curtos períodos, para lidar com picos sazonais de demanda, como, por exemplo, na época da Black Friday, do Natal e de outras datas comemorativas;

– Testar novos mercados;

– Colocar em prática planos de contingência para lidar com situações inesperadas do mercado.

Can I also contract the transport of my operations through the Stokki platform?

Yes, if you need transportation for cargo handling between warehouses, or for reverse logistics, or for order delivery, you can contract through our platform. Normally, the providers registered in our network offer complete logistics services, from end to end, according to your demand.

Will my products be safely stored in the logistics operators registered with Stokki?

The logistics operators that are part of the Stokki network undergo a careful selection before the registration is approved, which requires a series of documents, insurance and information, in addition to a personal assessment by our team on the structure and quality of the services provided.

Is it possible to manage my inventory through the Stokki platform?

Yes, through the Stokki platform your company can manage the entry and exit of products in stock, in all warehouses that are located, from the SKUs indicated when registering the items.

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