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Frequently asked questions

What are the reasons companies use the on-demand fulfillment and warehousing services found at Stokki?

On-demand fulfillment and warehousing services typically cater to businesses that need:
- Outsource your logistics operation, as you have a small team, do not know much about the logistics market and face difficulties in finding quality suppliers that meet your needs and integrate with your ERPs to automate management;
- Outsource part of the operation, to obtain greater stock capillarity and bring its products closer to customers, enabling the adoption of more competitive logistics strategies;
- Add extra storage and order fulfillment capacity for short periods to deal with seasonal bursts of demand, for example, during Black Friday, Christmas and other commemorative dates;
- Test new markets;
- Obtain some tax benefit in states such as Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina;
- Put in place contingency plans to deal with unexpected market situations.

Can I also contract the transport of my operations through the Stokki platform?

Stokki has partnerships with several carriers specialized in logistics for e-commerce and that deliver throughout Brazil, with super competitive prices for our network customers. Talk to one of our experts to learn more.

Will my products be safely stored at the logistics operators registered at Stokki?

Yes, the logistics operators that are part of the Stokki network undergo a careful selection before the registration is approved, in which a series of documents, insurance and information are required, in addition to a personal assessment of our team on the structure and quality of services provided onsite (SLA level agreement).

Is it possible to manage my stock through the Stokki platform?

Yes, through the Stokki platform your company will be able to manage the entry and exit of products in stock, monitor the status and movement of orders in real time and also understand the quantity of your products available, by SKU and ABC classification, in all warehouses registered in our network.