Integrated platform to scale your business

Bring your inventory closer to customers and optimize your logistics operation with agility at Stokki. Rethink your distribution and warehousing strategies according to your demand using our 100% online platform.

Logistic operation visibility

Follow in real time the status of your orders and the KPIs of your operation in a practical and easy way.

Friendly order management

Create, track and have all your logistics requests in an organized and easy way.

Workflow orchestration

Orchestrate your supply chain activities, from picking to delivery, by connecting to the Stokki’s platform.

Platform created for integrations

Integrate your e-commerce, ERP, WMS and TMS with your entire network of logistics providers through our APIs and facilitate the data flow between systems.

One-stop supply chain network

Find everything you need from logistics in one place.


Logistics services you can find at Stokki

Make your day-to-day easier and integrate your business operations on a 100% digital platform.


On-demand warehousing

Store your products with flexibility and scalability. Pay only for use.


Leasable spaces

Rent the right space to store your personal or company items.


E-commerce fulfillment

Improve your customers’ experience with smart strategies for all logistical stages of your e-commerce.


Customized Solutions

Find specific solutions for the particularities and characteristics of your operation.

Find solutions for your business

Search for the right supplier for your warehousing and logistic strategy.

How to get started?


Get a free quote

Tell us in detail what your problem is.


Be in touch with our experts

Our team will contact you to learn more about your needs.


We will find the best solution

Settle the final details and start your new logistics operation in a few days.

Become a Stokki supplier

Offer your space and logistics services at no cost and connect with a network of specialized and Stokki accredited operators from all over Brazil.


Technology for you

Register, manage and create new opportunities through the Stokki platform.



Offer your warehouse’s spaces and services according to your availability.


Maximize your revenue

Connect with potential customers and capitalize on your excess storage capacity.

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